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Are You Confused or Unclear About Why You’re Not Getting Pregnant Naturally or with IVF, or Carrying to Full Term?


Would you like to discover:

  • The root cause of why you are experiencing this delay, and what has been stopping you so far?
  • How to develop a clear plan of action to know exactly what you need to do next on your journey, when to do it, and how long to do it for?
  • The right dietary, lifestyle, and natural or assisted treatments and support that you should use to transform your fertility health and increase your chances of having your baby naturally or with IVF?

If Yes – You’re in the right place!

Over the last 18 years I have helped thousands of people around the world to gain clarity, focus and direction on their fertility journey to allow them to conceive and give birth to their healthy babies.

Whether they were trying naturally, or with assisted treatments such as IVF or Egg Donation, they each came to me unclear and confused about why it wasn’t happening for them.

Through my simple 3-step approach I was able to help them get clear and focused, and take the right action to achieve their dream and create their families.

And it’s vital that you get clear and focused too!

Don’t buy any more fertility treatments, IVF cycles, supplements, courses or books until you are completely clear on what’s causing your delay, and what you need to do about it to have your healthy baby.

Get Clearer Now – Come and Talk to Me

I’d like to invite you to talk to me about your fertility journey, and what you can do to turn it around.

Come and join me for a FREE 30-minute online How to Get Pregnant Discovery Session.

During the 30-minutes together we’ll review your fertility journey and discuss some important solutions to help you:

  1. Know how to find the root cause of your delay in conceiving or carrying to full term
  2. Have a clearer picture of which steps to take next, so that you can start making positive changes
  3. Gain a good understanding of the most important tests, support and treatment options that would be good for you to use

You’ll leave this session feeling clearer, calmer and more focused on what to do next!


I look forward to meeting you soon!

Best wishes,


Andrew Loosely, Lic.OHM, DCHAc, Dip.CH, MURHP, MCMIR

Chinese Medicine Fertility Expert, Author and Speaker

Creator of The Baby Creating Plan – the 3-Step Natural Fertility Support Programme


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