• Natural Fertility Expert

Are you struggling to conceive naturally or with IVF?

Would you like to discover a way to:

  • Help you understand why you are struggling to conceive or stay pregnant, and what has been stopping you so far?
  • Support and guide you, with a world leading Natural Fertility Expert Team, to create your personalised fertility strategy and plan of action, wherever you are in the world?
  • Work on the root of your fertility health and really make a change, for natural or IVF conception?

I’d like to introduce you to a natural fertility method that’s transforming fertility around the world and could transform yours too!

Gain clarity, focus and direction and take control of your fertility health with the worlds leading natural fertility support programme, The Baby Creating Plan.

Offering support in more than 75 countries worldwide, the Plan is a 3-step natural fertility support programme for people and couples trying to conceive naturally, or with assisted treatments such as IUI, IVF, Egg or Sperm Donation.

Our world leading experts will guide and support you through your own unique 3-Step programme, wherever you are in the world, using online Skype support sessions to monitor your progress.

Start Transforming Your Fertility Immediately

Discover how these 3 steps could transform your fertility health and journey and help you choose your best next steps, to get you to your goal of having your baby.

To help you get started I’d like to give you a FREE copy of my book The Ultimate Fertility Guide, so that you can learn about these 3 simple steps and many more fertility tips.

Claim your FREE copy of the guide by CLICKING HERE

Once you’re signed up, I’ll also send you my complimentary ‘Improving Your Fertility‘ emails, where I’ll share with you some amazing fertility information and tips that will help to make your journey clearer and easier.

Best wishes,


Andrew Loosely, Lic.OHM, DCHAc, Dip.CH, MURHP, MCMIR

Chinese Medicine Fertility Expert, Author and Speaker

Creator of The Baby Creating Plan – the 3-Step Natural Fertility Support Programme


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