Fertility Question Time

Fertility Question Time

If you had the opportunity to ask any question about your fertility, what would it be?

At the end of 2012 we launched a fertility questionnaire to discover the questions that you needed answers to.

The response was huge and the questions were varied. Some people shared their stories and asked for specific information, whilst others reached out and began their journeys with us on The Baby Creating Plan.

What came out of all of the results clearly though, was that you wanted information from the people who know the answers. You wanted to hear from experts.

It’s at that point that Andrew decided to start a regular FREE question answering event, and so we came up with Fertility Question Time. 

The launch of Fertility Question Time was on 7th March 2013 with Andrew and guest speaker Sarah Holland. Together they spoke about the huge role that your emotions play in your fertility health, and how gaining the right tools can make all the difference in supporting you on your journey to having your baby.

Since then Fertility Question Time has gone from strength to strength, and is now the world’s largest monthly fertility event.

Each month we focus on a different area of fertility, with our team of experts answering your fertility questions.

Some of our past events have included:

The 7 Best Fertility Foods for Summer

Your Most Powerful Fertility Ally

Fertility Massage: How It Could Transform Your Fertility

Fertility Question Time giving you the answers to your fertility questions

Fertility Question Time giving you the answers to your fertility questions we will be working through hundreds of questions relating to your fertility journey and the different parts of The Baby Creating Plan. Each month we focus on a different fertility topic

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